How do you measure a year?
 – 525,600 Minutes –
RENT – Seasons of Love – 

As I say goodbye to Summer, I greet Autumn with the celebrations of Summer memories and receive the Fall of leaves with a relaxed sigh of happiness.

Take a moment to reflect on the “Loves” of your Summer.

Hold that vibration in your smile.

Breathe into the new coming season.

And make it a Season of Love…

Seasons of Love – Rent  Need I say more?

doTERRA Spotlight
Balance Grounding Blend
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Tammy Says:

Honor the falling leaves with an essential oil that combines the vibrations of trees and roots. Trees live in the present moment  – This is the medicine they share with us. So – get grounded in this Season of Love with Balance.

Adds to a relaxing massage.

Apply to your wrist or neck.

Creates a calming atmosphere.

When diffused, provides a tranquil aroma.

Diffuse in your car during road trips.

The warm, woody aroma of doTerra Balance Grounding Blend creates a refreshing environment. 

do Terra Balance
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