You are what you digest. This includes the media
 that you read and see on a daily basis. 


– Tammy Kohlschmidt –
The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health 

Are you a stagnant pond or a flowing river? And how will you know? Digestion is about breaking down, absorbing, and eliminating. It requires all types of enzymes, fluids, and microbes to get this job done. What I see most in digestive screenings using thermography is stagnation, inflammation, and aggressive flora. This is equivalent to stagnated pond water. It’s an overgrowth of pathogens and an accumulation of toxins and debris, which creates inflammation and disease that you may not even feel.


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Big Girls Don’t Cry–move to this and let yourself digest…..

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The 8 Secrets
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Tammy says:                                                   In order for us to receive new information, new relationships, or experiences, we need to also process or digest our current life events and then let them go. In Chinese Medicine, the large intestine is the organ of letting go. Many times, the large intestine has trouble letting go, literally and emotionally. Use DigestZen with Fractionated Coconut oil for an easy belly rub. Allow your intention of letting go to blend in with the wonderful aroma of DigestZen.

doTerra DigestZen

The calming aroma of DigestZen may ease the effects of motion sickness and is great to take on a road trip.

After eating a large meal, apply to the stomach or bottom of feet.

The essential oils of DigestZen are known for their ability to ease the effects of motion sickness and stomach upset when inhaled or applied topically.

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