What do we – you and I – have in common?

A beat, a pulse, a rhythm – a Vibration.

From day to day my rhythm and flow may change based on the beat or the pace of my day. I may even go through various rhythms in a matter of minutes.

Knowing that we have this ability to be in sync with a greater pulse or a greater vibration is the first step in the awareness of our internal harmony.

Pay attention to your pulse, beat, rhythm, or vibration today. How does it change when you are alone, with others, or listening to the news?

I challenge you to elevate yourself if you feel you are slipping. And then, instead of slipping…Drift Away! 

doTERRA Spotlight
Black Spruce for Drifting Away
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Tammy Says: When I want to drift away in sensual pleasure, I use Black Spruce. It takes me to the woods…and I drift.

When working through difficult circumstances, Black Spruce can be diffused to help reduce stress.

Inhale throughout the day to experience the refreshing aroma and to promote feelings of easy breathing.     


doTerra Black Spruce
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