Our breath is our lifeforce.
Are you consciously breathing in yours?


 – Tammy Kohlschmidt 
 – The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health – 

The breath of life, are you consciously breathing in yours?

We can go days without food and water. But how long can we go without breathing?

Try it and time yourself.

Breathing is our life force. It’s our vitality. And yet most of us barely breathe. We take shallow, quick breaths as we sit in front of the electronics all day. Many of us snore or breathe through our mouths. All of these things cause inflammation in the body and in the mind. This increases pressure in the body and increases nervous system tension, which slows down your flow systems and increases stagnation, inflammation, and pain. Slow and relaxed breathing can begin to increase blood, nerve, lymph, and energy flow.

Watch the video below and learn a 2-minute breathing break. You will feel better and renewed.

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Breathe in the air and chill out to some Pink Floyd……

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The 8 Secrets
doTERRA Spotlight
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Tammy says:                                              This is one of my favorite oils for grief and sadness. Our lungs process these emotions and when we breathe, we are then able to let go, cleanse and release. This is also a heart chakra opener. Peppermint helps to create a happy heart and a receiving heart. The added benefit of Eucalyptus generates wellness. Try a drop on your chest and smile as you breathe!

doTerra Breathe Oil Blend

Breathe has a c
ooling, soothing vapor.

Promote a restful environment with the calming aroma of Breathe.

Use can help minimize seasonal threats.

When seasonal and environmental threats are high, apply to chest or feet.

To promote a night of restful sleep, rub on neck, chest, back, or bottom of feet.

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