Some of Our Favorite Products

You are welcome to browse the list of trusted products I use myself and recommend to patients and friends. Enjoy!

A-F Betafood

Açaí powder

Aloe Vera Juice

Apple, Dried

Apple Juice

Apricots, Organic Dried

Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver

Baking Soda

Bananas, Dried

Bentonite Capsules

Bentonite Powder

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Breathe Right - Extra Strength

Breathe Right - Sensitive (Large)

Breathe Right - Sensitive (Small/ Medium)

CALM Powder

Candles - Pillar

Candles - Tealights

Candles - Votives

Cashew Butter

Castor Oil

Castor Oil Packs - Large Cloths

Castor Oil Packs - Small Cloths

Chalice Black

Chalice Blush Pink


Chestnuts - France

Children’s Book - The Forest Has Eyes

Coconut, Dried

Coconut Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Crystals - 7 piece set

Crystals - Carnelian

Crystals - Citrine

Crystals - Garnet

Crystals - Hematite

Crystals - Jasper

Dates, Organic



DiSodium Phosphate

DMSO - Non-Roll On

DMSO - Roll On

Dry Brush

Elderberry Tea

Epsom Salts

Eye Mask

Fascia Balls


Fiber - Non-Psyllium

Figs, Organic

Flax Seeds - Ground

Flaxseed Oil

Foam Roller - 4 inch

Foam Roller - 6 inch

Foam Roller Half Roll

Foot Soak Tub

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass Spray Bottle – 2oz

Glass Spray Bottle – 4oz

Glass Spray Bottle (Nasal Spray) – 30ml

Glass Spray Bottle with Trigger Pump – 4oz

Glass Spray Bottle with Trigger Pump – 8oz

Gauze (rolled gauze bandages)

Goat Milk Powder



HCL Activator

Holder for Incense and Palo Santo Sticks


Hot Water Bottle

Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade - 16 oz

Iodine - 1 Bottle

Iodine - 2 Bottles

Iodine, Nascent Colloidal

Macadamia Nuts

Magnetic Clay

Mango, Organic Dried

Maple Syrup


Medical Medium: Life-Changing Foods

Mouth Tape

MSM Liquid

MSM Liquid - 3 Pack

MSM Powder

Navage Refills

Navage Starter Bundle

Nebulizer with Mask

Neti Pot

Olive Oil

Olives, Green Organic

Olives, Kalamata Pitted

Palo Santo Sticks

Papaya, Organic Dried

Pears, Dried


pH Testing Strips

Pili Nuts

Pine Nuts



Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranate Oil


Psyllium and Bentonite Bundle

Quince Preserves

Rebounder (mini-trampoline)

River Rocks

Rose Petals

Sage Bundles

Sage Smudge Kit

Salt - Pink


Sedentary Wedge


Sleep Journal

Sprouted Almonds

The Art of Bev Doolittle

The Giving Tree Book

The Healing Power of Water Book

The Meaning of Trees

Vitamin D3 + K2

Walnuts Sprouted

Water Bottle - Flower of Life

Water Bottle - Tammy's All-Time Favorite

Water Bottles - Classic Cap

Water Bottles - Flip Cap

Water Bottles - Flip Cap

Yoga Mat

Zinc Oxide